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Plagiarism Checker

Here you can check plagiarism in your assignments, blogs, and many other documents.

This Plagiarism Checker is using deep search technology to provide accurate plagiarism reports with appropriate sources.

You will get the percentage of copied and unique text. Moreover, after checking the plagiarism, you can also rephrase the content or take assistance from an online article rewriter

How to use this online plagiarism checker?

Here are some steps to check plagiarism in your documents.

  1. Type, paste the text or upload a document file.
  2. Verify the reCAPTCHA.
  3. Click the "Check plagiarism" button.

Features of our plagiarism checker

Here are some features of this similarity checker.

Multiple upload option

You can input your content in multiple ways, and the options provided are:

Upload multiple file formats

This tool accepts four file formats, which are listed below.

Word count

You can view the word count of the uploaded, typed or pasted content.

What do you get after the completion?

The plagiarism checker will provide you with a lot of information regarding your content's uniqueness.

Line by line results

This online plagiarism detector checks each line and displays the result for each line. A plagiarized line is symbolized by red color and a "Cross" sign.

And a unique text is represented by green color and a "Check mark".

Compare text

You can compare the plagiarized line with the source. Click the "Compare" button to redirect to the original source.

Percentage of unique and plagiarized text.

This tool displays the exact percentage of unique and plagiarized text. It checks each line and determines the percentage of plagiarized and unique text.

Original sources

You can check the sources from which the text was copied and this Plagiarism Checker also shows the percentage of the text copied from this source.


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