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Paraphrasing Tool

Rephrase Sentences with our Free Paraphrasing Tool. This Paraphrase Tool is completely Free and use Artificial Intelligence to rephrase your text in the best way.

This Paraphrase Tool will express the original idea in a different way by changing wording, thus eliminating plagiarism and making it easier to read.

How to paraphrase text using this Sentence Rephraser?

You can rephrase your content by following steps:

  1. Type, paste, or upload a file from your device
  2. Verify the reCAPTCHA
  3. Click the "Rephrase Now" button to get the paraphrased text

Why our Paraphraser?

You can distinguish each paraphrasing tool based on the features it offers. Some features of our Rephrase Tool are listed below.

Multiple paraphrasing modes

This online paraphrasing tool offers three different paraphrasing modes.


You can rephrase your content by replacing some possible words with relevant synonyms, and this will make your content unique and appealing.


 This Paraphraser replaces a large number of words in standard mode.


In Creative mode, you get a slightly different look for your content, while keeping the central theme. The creative mode makes your text more appealing and readable.

Multiple Uploading options

This Rephraser has four file formats for uploading text, which is listed below:

Highlighting the replacements

After rephrasing the text, this paraphrasing tool highlights all the changes made. You can compare your input text by the replacements highlighted in the output field.

Advanced options

You can either download or copy the paraphrased text after paraphrasing. There are some add-ons to this tool, such as checking for plagiarism and grammar errors in your text, as well as summarizing your paraphrased text.

Who can use this Paraphrase Tool?

Everyone who wants to make their content easy to read and plagiarism-free can use this Paraphraser. Here are a few uses of this Rephrase Tool:


Students can use this paraphrasing tool to make their assignments unique. Usually, plagiarized assignments are unacceptable in Educational Institutes and to make the assignments unique, this tool can be used.

Rephrasing Tool can easily rephrase assignments, essays, and thesis.


Blogging is only successful if its content is original and engaging. This Paraphraser can easily make your content unique and engaging through its AI-based algorithms which change synonyms without changing the actual meaning.


You can easily make your content plagiarism-free whether you are writing a book or for a client with the Free Paraphrase tool.

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