How to remove duplicate content using online article rewriter

Are you a professional writer but still sometimes fail to write incredibly unique content? Don't forget the importance of avoiding plagiarism.

This happens because unique content cannot be generated every time. After all, some words and phrases get stuck in your brain while researching a topic and after reading articles about it online.

However, copying the exact content or rewriting it without making enough changes causes plagiarism, which is strictly prohibited in the world of online content writing.

Plagiarism is a term used for content copied and duplicated on the Internet. It happens when you confidently copy texts from other websites, add your content and publish it with your name.

Also, plagiarism can occur even when you make changes to the copied content; this is called accidental plagiarism. If you want to mention the exact text of the source, giving credit and citing its source is the only legal way to avoid plagiarism.

The best way to avoid plagiarism

Writing versatile and quality content is very important. Regardless of your profession, you must create unique and plagiarism-free content. Writers often miss deadlines and have been burdened with tons of blog posts and articles.

Thanks to easy access to, a free online resource that makes things easier for people in all fields, today, it is possible to use more efficient technologies to rewrite and paraphrase new and valid content in bulk.

Rewriting an article is the process of conveying material in a new and distinctive manner. Rewriting entails modifying text by substituting particular words, phrases, or sentences. Manually revising material is time-consuming and labor-intensive.

We created this free online tool that enables users to publish plagiarism-free material easily without any issue.

Articles can be rewritten online by applying spin techniques that change the content structure without affecting its context.

To develop new text with similar information but no traces of plagiarism, the procedure entails stringing words together, employing synonyms, and changing sentence formation.

Rewriting is basically the writing technique used to create new content from existing pieces of content. Texts can be rewritten manually, but a more efficient and time-saving way to run this process is an automated online text rewriter.

Use Our Online Tool to Rewrite Content

Yes, this amazing tool crafts your content intelligently like a human. Rewriting your content for free gives distinct results like the paid tools. But here on our website, you can do it 100% free.

Sites with duplicate content are subject to numerous Google penalties, including the drop in search engine ranks and de-indexing search results in the worst-case scenario.

On the other hand, paraphrasing can prevent this from happening and boost your website's search engine optimization.

This excellent rewriting tool will rewrite plagiarized sentences and display their plagiarism-free version in seconds.

This implies that it is both a rewriter and a free plagiarism checker. You might have wasted an hour or more attempting to eliminate plagiarism from the text and then submitting it to another plagiarism-checking service.

However, an article rewriter can handle both of these time-consuming tasks and gives you 100% original material in a matter of seconds.

Many websites can rewrite sentences, but not all platforms will provide you with rewriter quality.

This text rewriting tool certainly is one of the finest, providing users with a wide range of top-notch features to assist them with text rewriting.

Rewriter for students

Students have to prepare homework, notes and other educational things assigned by their teachers regularly.

Students frequently confront plagiarism issues, and they must work really hard to remove their content from plagiarism scan tests, as plagiarism is regarded quite seriously by institutes.

This rewriter can save students from this hassle by allowing them to rewrite a text without leaving any sign of plagiarism.

Rather than wasting valuable time composing assignments, students may use this rewriting tool to obtain efficient results and use the time saved to study for examinations.

Unlike other programs that produce low-quality output or alter the intended meaning of writing, this one enables students to create high-quality material quickly.

The best help for content writers

There are many opportunities to earn income online, but there is a lot of competition on the other hand. Article writers are also involved in this contest and wanted to take advantage of these online opportunities.

With the help of rewriter, you can cross boundaries as this tool does not need your power due to its advanced technology.

You can rewrite as many articles as search data can because the world has changed, and your writing power can be multiplied using the article rewriter tool.

The majority of individuals begin their search by putting their terms into well-known search engines such as Google, Yahoo, or Bing. These search engines have also developed ranking criteria for web pages.

 There are numerous techniques to improve your website's or web page's ranking, all of which are dependent on the search engine's optimization procedure. The most frequent method is to provide unique and high-quality text on your website.

The more unique or readable content you have on your website, the more likely you will rank higher. If you have adopted these search engine optimization methods, search engines will surely refer people to your website.

Also, if you have quality content, you may get more traffic from search engines. It is very easy to make your text readable and more unique through this article rewriting tool with new technology.

How to use this tool?

This article rewriting tool is very simple to use; follow the steps below:

  • You need to copy/paste your data into the blank box available on the website and click the rewrite button; in seconds, your text has been written with a perfect twist.
  • Once you are done rewriting with the tool, review your text before publishing it on your website.
  • Some grammatical errors may have been ignored. So after correction, if you found that some words or sentences needed to be rewritten, just copy those lines, then rewriting the article will do the job for you. The tool will come in handy when you have a lot of blog content and want everyone to be unique. You can make this content unique in seconds.

Benefits of using this article rewriting tool

  1. After making the necessary changes, it makes the modified text bold in a fraction of seconds.
  2. With a single click, this feature allows you to copy the results data.
  3. The rewriter offers an option to download the results file in DOC format.
  4. Bloggers, authors, students, and webmasters use this tool to produce infinite fresh material for free.
  5. This rewriting tool allows writers to generate fresh and readable content every day quickly.
  6. Help students submit plagiarism-free assignments within the set time.
  7. You can submit files in TXT, DOC, or DOCX formats to the rewriter.
  8. This rewriting tool works in three modules; word changer, sentence changer and plagiarism checker.
  9. This article rewriting service enables bloggers to produce original material for their sites quickly.
  10. Within the blink of an eye, creating an unlimited volume of text saves not only your time but improves your productivity.
  11. Freelancers can use this rewriting tool to create a wealth of plagiarism-free content for their clients.

Top Queries

How many words are limited?

Users can rewrite up to 1000 words in each search query using this content rewriting.

Which files are supported?

Users can submit files in TXT, DOC, or DOCX formats to the rewriter, which accepts various file types.

Does this tool provide plagiarism-free content?

This rewriting tool uses word and sentence change techniques and generates plagiarism-free text in the output box on the right.

With this rewriting tool, you can get

Content with zero plagiarism. You may also use our plagiarism checker to ensure that your rewritten text is original.

Is spun content beneficial for SEO?

To a certain extent, rewriting a paragraph can benefit SEO. It is not a problem until plagiarism detectors detect the text; at that point, it may become a problem for the publisher. A skilled article writer is necessary to prevent and save time.

Similarly how our program rewrites the text to the point where it becomes eye-catching and turns the text in such a manner that it appears to be a human rewrite article without the danger of plagiarism.

Is Google capable of detecting spun content?

Yes, it is. It depends on the quality of your spun material. More likely, when utilizing an online rewriter tool to spin text, if the program is not qualified to do so correctly, Google will identify and reject the spun text.

It will detract from your website's SEO.

To sum it up, duplicate content hampers your content's potential in terms of search engine visibility, and Google can penalize your website.